"With their astute vision, Brent Kado and Jessica Hardy hilariously expose the boundless egotism that
pervades Chicago's improv scene."
-Bryant Manning, Chicago Sun-Times


Friday, September 19, 2008

September Update

Hi! We are going to view another edit of the movie on Sunday September 21st. I know it seems that everytime I leave an update I say "We are watching another edit." But it's true. And everytime it gets better. We are all putting in our time on top of our full time *jobs* so it leaves about twice a month that we sit down and view the progress that Angela has made. Kudos to Angela for perservering with us and believing in this project. Angela works at the Art Institute and is a graduate of Columbia College. She did some film work in New York before coming back to Chicago and linking up with Jessica. It was fate! She has been a very honest and vital part of this project and we appreciate her SO much. In fact we are already talking about another mockumentary to be shot next summer in the plain state of Indiana. We won't give away the idea, but if another fun project intrigues you, keep your ears open this winter.

Sending luck your way if you are still working hard on your dreams-Avant Chicago :)

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